Lala Ragimov, Realtor, Fairfax Realty

Lala Ragimov, is a real estate agent in Washington DC. Prior to career in Real Estate, Lala earned Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Master’s in Public Administration and worked for 10 years in the Federal and Commercial Contracts Management field.  With a background in the public administration, corporate contract management, environmentalist and  community volunteer, Lala brings the public interest spirit to her work as a Realtor.  Career in Real Estate was a natural follow on to the established in 2009 family business of Real Estate development. Today Lala is dedicated realtor licensed in DC and VA and  generous with her time and expertise as a long-time investor, she has a consumer-oriented approach and puts her clients' interests first. Lala's principle hobbies are oil painting,  home staging and interior design. She is providing home staging services to her listing clients. A wife and a mom of two boys, Lala enjoys spending her free time taking her boys to after school activities and traveling.