Job A. Woodill, Principal of Landmark Construction Development LLC

Job was born on August 11, 1979 in Carbondale, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. When asked where that is, Job usually responds with, “Exactly where it sounds like it is”.

Job spent most of his childhood years, in rural southeastern Pennsylvania, not too far from Philadelphia, where both of his parents were born.

Job is one of eight siblings (yes all the same parents), and shares the middle with one of his sisters.

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Job had an appreciation for the rural way of life, and since the age of 14, worked on Dairy Farms and Vegetable Farms. This type of life has given Job a true appreciation of the meaning of hard work.

Job has always been entrepreneurial, and besides working for other folks as young man, was always starting small businesses.

Job moved to the Washington DC Area in 1999 and has lived and worked in this area since then.

Job began a construction company in 2000, which he ran until 2012, when he closed the company.

After closing his retail construction company, Job in 2013 decided to make the move to a “developer” role, and established Landmark Construction Development LLC.

Job began with a few strategic joint ventures, and had immediate success in the popular development at 16 17th St NE (No 16 Condominiums), which sold out within a few months.

Following that success, Job has completed several successful projects in 2014 and 2015, and currently has 7 projects delivering in 2016, and even some already scheduled to deliver in 2017.

Job lives with Janet, his wife of 8 years, in Arlington Virginia.