Scott Zimmerman, President of Capital City Real Estate

Scott Zimmerman is President of Capital City Real Estate which is a real estate development, and construction company in Washington DC that he founded in 2006. In his role as President, he provides strategic leadership and direction to a dynamic team in a highly competitive environment.  His focus is on project selection and conceptualization along with project funding. 

Scott was born in Fairfax, VA and attended the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD where he played football and earned a B.S. in mathematics.  After the Academy, he attended the Navy Flight School and served as a Naval Aviator, flying the P-3 Orion for 9 years.  During that time he was stationed at Corpus Christi, TX; Jacksonville, FL and Patuxent River, MD and participated in several oversea deployments flying over 2,000 hours as a Mission Commander. 

Scott’s passion for real estate began while he was in the Navy where he would purchase a house to live in, renovate it and sell it at each of the locations he was stationed.  He returned to DC in 2003 and bought his first DC home in Columbia Heights which he renovated and still owns as a residence today.  In 2006, as Scott transitioned out of the Navy, he pursued his passion for real estate and his entrepreneurial spirit by starting Capital City Real Estate.  Since 2006, Scott and Capital City Real Estate have developed over 60 unique projects in neighborhoods all over Washington DC.  Over that time Capital City has grown to 15 real estate entrepreneurs that specialize in all aspects of a project to include acquisitions, underwriting, finance, entitlement, construction, sales and marketing.  Building on the foundation it has built over the past 10 years, Capital City has leveraged its experience and that of its team to become a leading developer of residential and mixed use properties in DC to include recent projects at 1701 H Street NE (a $75M, new construction, mixed use property) and 90 V St SW (a $75M, new construction waterfront property on Buzzard Point).  With its projects, Capital City hopes to tell the story and maintain the rich history of DC while meeting the needs of a modern world.        

Scott is on the leadership team of numerous worldwide ministries and business organizations.  Scott enjoys mountain biking, traveling and coaching his kid’s sports teams.  Scott is married to his wife Kristen, and has three children - Ansley, 7; Landon, 5; Grayson, 3,