Richard Fenati, Director of Tenant Construction Management at EDENS

Richard Fenati is the Director of Tenant Construction Management at EDENS. He graduated from Penn State with a bachelor’s in Architectural Engineering and double focus in Structures and Construction, and went on to receive his MS in Real Estate from Johns Hopkins. He spent six years with Skanska Construction before moving on to five years as a development manager for Washington Real Estate Investment Trust and an executive role with Clark Builders Group. Fenati is also a 1LT with the Maryland Army National Guard, where he serves as a Military Intelligence Officer. He is currently the Executive Officer at Headquarters Company at Brigade level, and has been honored with many awards during his military career, including the German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency.

An avid pilot, Fenati is a 2200 hour commercial pilot and flight instructor, and also works as a Civil Air Patrol search and rescue pilot. He is a licensed skydiver and scuba diver as well, and enjoys mountain climbing and volunteering with jifundishe in Tanzania. He currently resides in Kensington, Maryland, with his wife, their two daughters, and his dog, Eddie.