Barry Madani, Principal at Madison Investments

Barry moved to Washington D.C. from Dubai in January 2006 to help co- found Madison Investments. Barry’s background in marketing and management, coupled with his degrees in engineering in engineering and business management from the University of Greenwich, equips Madison with technical experience to foray into diverse housing markets. Prior to his move, Barry founded and operated MACS Consultants, a leading marketing consultancy company based in Dubai, whose clients included Proctor & Gamble, PepsiCo International, Kellogg’s, and Philip Morris.

As the head of Madison’s development division, Barry's primary focus is on the management, marketing, branding and aesthetic design of Madison projects. Drawing on his extensive engineering, marketing, and project management experience, Barry is responsible for managing the entire construction lifecycle and ensuring that projects progress at the highest of standards. Barry has consistently demonstrated the ability to solve complex construction problems, make difficult decisions under uncertainty, and deliver an exceptional product on-time and on-budget without compromising Madison’s commitment to quality.