Myron Adoteye, Chairman & CEO at Eye Street Investments

Myron hails from Springfield, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. Born to two Ghanaian immigrants, Myron valued education and the opportunities it provided from an early age. During his high school years Myron worked with VECTOR Marketing Corporation. A business development natural, he quickly rose through VECTOR’s ranks and earned the title of Field Sales Manager. In short order VECTOR tapped Myron to lead teams and train fellow employees.  During his time with VECTOR Myron eventually trained over 150 field representatives and would rank as one of the Top 10 Field Trainers in the 40 plus year history of the company. 

Upon Myron’s graduation from D.C.’s Gonzaga College High School, he secured a scholarship to attend Fordham University in Bronx, NY. At Fordham Myron nurtured his love of business through business development courses. During his college years Myron would also travel to London to represent his school in business competitions as well as earn a spot on the National Dean's List.

Myron returned to Fordham, this time at the University's Graduate School of Business to complete his Global Professional MBA in Management and Entrepreneurship.  In his role as President of the Black and Hispanic MBA Association he increased membership by 15%, secured annual sponsorships and forged new partnerships with other on-campus organizations. Myron also led community workshops with business luminaries such as Loida Lewis, widow of Wall Street Pioneer Richard Lewis.

Myron worked at GDS International following graduation from business school. At GDS Myron paired senior executives in the healthcare provider space with information technology executives at hospitals across the country.  He was nominated for Trainee of the Year and was a part of the top producing Team of the Year. 

Seeking a role that encompassed his love of finance and alternative investments, Myron joined REIS, the nation's premier property and market intelligence provider. At REIS Myron honed his understanding of alternative investments and institutional finance.  He transacted business with senior executives at REITs, banks, developers and institutional investment houses across the country. Myron gained the distinction of completing one of the “Top 10 New Business Deals of 2014” with the REIT Brixmor. 

After leaving REIS Myron sought further experience in financial investment products. He joined Prudential Financial’s career development program. Upon completion he acquired his Life, Accident and Health, Series 7 and 66 licenses.

Turning his love for business and management into a love for finance and investing, he achieved annual returns of 30% for the past 3 years in the equities market within Eye Street Investments (ESI).  He was unanimously voted into the role of Chairman & CEO in 2015, where he has registered ESI’s subsidiary, Eye Street Development(ESD), as an advisory company.  He is completing the first round of fundraising for ESD. He studied Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, and Robert Kiyosaki in the finer points of value investing, IRR/cash flow focus on real estate, and financial analysis. He underwent training by the Money Management Institute in the Financial Services Sector and is certified in REIS 2.0 Subscriber Edition Data Analysis.